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Human - Tall, muscular and covered in tattoos. Pale skin, and black hair that he keeps cut short and slicked back. Red irises. All human versions of him share this appearance.

Dragon Age - Blood mage bounty hunter and lifelong apostate. Hates Templars with a passion, and his staff is topped with a Templar's skull. Specializes in Entropy and Elemental magic, with a few spells in the other schools (most notably Walking Bomb).

Fallout - Wasteland scavenger and gun-for-hire.

Elder Scrolls - Nord who had a Dunmer father. Class is a mix of warrior and rogue.

Star Wars - Bounty hunter with a robotic hand

(Updates to come)
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All entries prior to move have been imported to this journal from his livejournal of the same name.
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[Locked to Dark Brotherhood.]

Hey, guys, I think Vicente's gone.

He didn't owe me any payments, which is nice, but there's still the question of who's in charge now. The bloodsucker didn't exactly name anyone next in line just in case.

[End Filter]
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Y'know, it's been one standard Earth year since I had to land here. Thought I'd be outta here by now, but still no energy cells. Granted this place probably ain't too keen on me leaving, but when has that ever stopped me?
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[Video opens, and Lockdown appears to have chains all over his body, held together with a heavy padlock. His legs and arms are still partly mobile, at least.]

This sucks. I can't even transform like this. And yes, I tried picking the lock and taking a blowtorch to it and the chains. Nothin'.
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*Multiple murders
*Multiple attempted murders
*Turned Autobots and innocent neutrals over to Decepticons
*Stolen mods
*Attempted to turn Starscream in to Megatron
*Left lovers in the dust after a single night
*Fought dirty
*Double-crossed clients if better deal was made
*Scared others just for fun
*Stalked and harassed Nathan
*Tried to talk Prowl into leaving his team

*Turned Decepticons over to the Elite Guard
*Was a good dad to Charlie during a curse day
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[Lockdown parks himself in a nice spot, then out steps his holoform.]

Normally I stay in on Sundays, but I can make exceptions.

[He begins to walk around, looking for mistletoe to stand under.]

[OOC: Anyone's free to get under the weeds with him.]
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Dear Santa,

If you're smart you'll get me the following:

Power cells for a Cybertronian-sized ship
High-grade energon
Polishing wax
Surface-to-air missile launcher
Rail gun with laser sighting

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Out of the blue one day, Nathan finally decided to stop kidding himself and sent Lockdown a message to meet him out in town.

Lockdown eagerly accepted and met Nathan out in the parking lot of some shop. The meatbag climbed into the bounty hunter's back seat, where Lockdown made his burley holoform appear.

"Lockdown, I've been thinking it over, and I've decided that you win," Nathan said.

"Took you long enough," Lockdown replied, grinning at the young meatbag.

"I know and I'm very sorry about that,"

"So, you wanna start having some fun?" Lockdown gave Nathan his most sultry grin.

"You bet your sweet aft I do, you attractive bot you,"

And with that Nathan and Lockdown made beautiful music in his backseat. The bounty hunter would later brag about it over drinks to to Stark.
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[The voice is so scrambled that you can't tell who it is.]

My Brothers, this is the man in black talking. I want to let you know that you have all done well so far, and I have new contracts for all of you. Come take them when you are ready.

As for the rest of you, know that our group takes contracts should you need us. We like to think that our prices are fair.

[OOC: Lockdown is speaking for Vicente, who has not been affected by this curse and thus can't it to his advantage. Lockdown is also faking Vicente's British accent.]
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[It's Halloween and a certain badass car is roaming the City. Lockdown hasn't done anything to himself for the occassion, but he has "dressed up", so to speak. He doesn't get the point of this holiday, but it sounds kinda fun, so why not get involved?

He parks himself and gets cozy, opening his driver's side, letting his holoform out. However, instead of the tall, pale, tattooed, muscular man, out comes Agent Smith. It was all a matter of changing his holoform's appearance and voice.]

After all that slag last week, I could use some partying.

[ooc: Anyone is free to approach him.]
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[In his current state, Lockdown can't touch things. He has found a way to post videos, though, traced back to his device.]

I've been thinkin' it over, and I've decided that this kinda sucks.

[OOC: Lockdown's a ghost. And not just any type of ghost, but an electric ghost. He can possess electronic devices, travel through electric wires and all that good stuff. If anyone wants Action, feel free to notice strange jolts of electricity in the telephone wires or his face on nearby TVs.]
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It's that time again, huh? Should be fun. Think I actually saw that white Screamer clone earlier. What's his name? It's either Thundercracker or Ramjet, I know that much.

By the way, if anyone I know personally is out there, if you hear any weird talk about me, lemme just say that nothin' happened.

[ooc: Anything goes. Threadjacking encouraged.]
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At first I thought my optics were glitchin' out, but after seeing the same thing after changing out my optics three times, I don't think they're the problem.

Thought I saw some red earlier, but I could've been seein' things.
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Car pic under cut to save f-lists )

[A vintage Ford pulls up to a bridge and transforms into a very large robot. As he changes, a man-sized bag falls out of his back seat. Said bag has quite a bit of blood on it. He picks up he bag in his fist and drops it into the water.]

See ya' in the Pit, Vinnie.

[He drops the bag into the water, where it sinks like a log.]

One thing the bosses hate, it's the ones who try to make off with all the dough.

[/End Video]


[The same car pulls up to a club and out steps his holoform, decked in a black pinstripe suit and fedora. He enters the club and orders a Mint Julep, winking at any pretty gals in pretty dresses that pass his way.]

[OOC: Lockdown's a gangster hit-man, as if it wasn't obvious. Everyone is welcome to run into him at the club. Or around town.]
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[Here's a look you don't see on Lockdown very often: genuine friendliness, with a smile that for once is not a creepy slasher smile.]

Helpin' others feels so right. Today, I'm just gonna go out and help people, no charge at all. I'm gonna do it all outta the goodness of my spark.

Then I'm gonna make use of that DVD player to get a better feel for human culture, because I want to learn about you humans out of sheer interest, and what better way than watching some human movies? Y'know, as oppossed to just doing it outta boredom.

[OOC: Yeah, Lockdown's going through Morality Reversal and is now nice. And chaste. You may freak out now.]
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Reason: Because I get bored easily here
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Deux aléatoire malédiction week-ends dans un mois. Ne pas voir cela venir. A l'air de la malédiction populaire ce weekend est la chose de sexe-échange. La chose drôle, le sexe. Les Transformers n'ont pas cela, pas vraiment. Sauf quand il s'agit des pronoms.

Aussi, non, pour quelque raison que je ne peux pas changer de retour à l'anglais. Ou Cybertronian.

[Translation: Two random curse weekends in one month. Didn't see that coming. Looks like the popular curse this weekend is the gender-swap thing. Funny thing, gender. Transformers don't have that, not really. Except for when it comes to pronouns.

Also, no, for some reason I can't switch back to English. Or Cybertronian.]

[OOC: Lockdown is cursed to speak French, which he learned during that French history curse way back when. Also, I'm using an online translator, so if anyone here actually speaks French, please pardon any butchering of the language.]


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