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[The video opens to a ball of black and green feathers curled up on Lockdown's very large berth. Said ball of fluff uncurls into a kiwi bird that's just starting to wake up, blinking his beady red eyes.]

'Nother morning, 'nother day I'm reminded that I'm stranded.

[One might think there's something not quite right about Lockdown's deep, gruff voice coming out of such a small bird. He stands up on his little, miscolored legs.]

Wait... something ain't right here...

[He looks at his feet and back, then at his reflection in the device's screen and lets out an angry squack.]

Not again! Huh... oh slag is that thing on?

[He uses his beak to press the OFF button.]

[OOC: If anyone wants Action with the kiwi-fied bounty hunter, he'll be leaving his ship occassionally to scrounge around for bugs in the surroundings woods.]
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[For some reason, the device is sitting on the ground. Perfect for viewing the rather colorful kiwi that's wandering around the metal ship.

If it's possible for a kiwi to look peeved, then this one is managing it very well.

He approaches the device and looks at himself in the screen's reflection, and unintentionally allowing anyone watching to get a good look at him. Then he notices that the device is on and, possibly because the device shrunk with him, turns it off.

A text post appears some time later.]

If this is a joke, it ain't funny.

[OOC: If anyone wants action, he'll be leaving his ship to explore the surrounding woods at some point to see if there's anything he can eat.]


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