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[Enter possibly the biggest pirate ship ever. Said ship is made of red metal, and the sails are made of red glass. Obviously they aren't functional as sails, which is why this ship is powered by moters. The side of the ship reads The Death's Head.

Lockdown, the ship's captain, looks pretty much the same, except for a metal eyepatch. He's already got the hook-hand, after all.]

Nothin' like the smell of salt and brine in the afternoon.
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[Lockdown's holoform is browsing an auto shop, from the sparkplugs to the turtle wax. Isn't long before a clerk comes up to him.]

Can I help you, sir?

Nah, I'm good. Just need a few parts and wax that doesn't smell like... [He cuts himself off, looking rather agitated. Shakes his leg a little, as if being touched by some phantom figure.

Ignoring the clerk, the holoform leaves the shop and goes right for the source of his annoyance. Namely a little gray thing touching the hood of his real body, currently parked outside the shop. Apparently he doesn't consider it worth shifting to robot mode to deal with, because he just gives it a swift kick in the other direction.]

Beat it, meatbag! Allspark be damned, that's the second time today.
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[Lockdown's holoform (yes, he finally came up with a shorter name for the holomatter form) is standing around, a distracted look on his face. It isn't long before a few harpies come in for the kill. As soon as they get close enough, the holoform vanishes and Lockdown, in car form, comes out of his hiding place to run over some of the beasts.]

Dunno what you are, but I could use a little sport.

[He managed to kill a few, and wound some, but the others are still kicking.

The video feed cuts out right as they come at him.]

[OOC: Anyone is free to come across Lockdown for whatever reason.]


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