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Out of the blue one day, Nathan finally decided to stop kidding himself and sent Lockdown a message to meet him out in town.

Lockdown eagerly accepted and met Nathan out in the parking lot of some shop. The meatbag climbed into the bounty hunter's back seat, where Lockdown made his burley holoform appear.

"Lockdown, I've been thinking it over, and I've decided that you win," Nathan said.

"Took you long enough," Lockdown replied, grinning at the young meatbag.

"I know and I'm very sorry about that,"

"So, you wanna start having some fun?" Lockdown gave Nathan his most sultry grin.

"You bet your sweet aft I do, you attractive bot you,"

And with that Nathan and Lockdown made beautiful music in his backseat. The bounty hunter would later brag about it over drinks to to Stark.
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[Lockdown, in car mode, is parked by the side of the road, while his human holoform sits on a bench, looking impatient. Said holoform is also decked out in black and green leather, with spikes on the outfit's shoulders. According to the card, his date is someone named "Nathan". Should be fun, especially if things get hot and heavy.]

[OOC: Yeah, sorry 'bout the delay, Nathan-mun. Almost forgot about the whole blind date thing, until another post reminded me. ^^;;]
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[Lockdown's hanging around in an empty parking lot as he records this. He's also got none of the smuggness that usually radiates off him.]

Y'know, I like to think that my life's in pretty good order. Everything's organized and my ship's in working order, for the most part, but lately I've had this weird sensation. I look at all you humans lately and your behavior confuses me. I've found this behavior impossible to categorize.

[OOC: Lockdown's in the middle of a bad sci-fi romance as a robot who needs someone to teach him the meaning of love. This is leaving him quite out of character for once, for himself and his entire race. A fair maiden (or dude) to teach him love is very welcome, as are side characters.]
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Y'know, I've been thinking today. I might not get back to my galaxy for a while now, which I've said before. Thing is, I get lonely sometimes, and unlike other bots, I ain't one of those morons who think we should take a bomb to all organics.

So, here's the deal: gimme a quick rundown, and we'll talk. I ain't exactly in a position to be picky right now. Sure, I'm way bigger than all of you and made of metal, but that just means we gotta get creative.

Lookin' forward to it.

[OOC: Any and all welcome. Backdated to this morning.]


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