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[Lockdown parks himself in a nice spot, then out steps his holoform.]

Normally I stay in on Sundays, but I can make exceptions.

[He begins to walk around, looking for mistletoe to stand under.]

[OOC: Anyone's free to get under the weeds with him.]
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[It's Halloween and a certain badass car is roaming the City. Lockdown hasn't done anything to himself for the occassion, but he has "dressed up", so to speak. He doesn't get the point of this holiday, but it sounds kinda fun, so why not get involved?

He parks himself and gets cozy, opening his driver's side, letting his holoform out. However, instead of the tall, pale, tattooed, muscular man, out comes Agent Smith. It was all a matter of changing his holoform's appearance and voice.]

After all that slag last week, I could use some partying.

[ooc: Anyone is free to approach him.]
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[As the video opens, Lockdown is fiddling with a device about as big as his palm.]

So far this whole "curse" thing ain't that big a deal. Dunno how it's affecting me and the humans both, but I ain't a scientist. And don't gimme all that "it's magic" slag, 'cause there's no such thing.

[Filtered to Tony Stark]

Got what I needed from those diety guys, Stark. Still, if you found anything useful under there, we should talk.

[End Filter]

[Makes a few more adjustments, then he opens up his chest and installs the device. He puts the device on the floor, stands back and converts to car form.]

Well, let's see if it works.

[After a few seconds, a tall, well-muscled man in his fourties appears beside the car. His hair is black, short, and slicked back, his eyes are red, skin is unnaturally pale, and covering his face are black tattoos that match the ones on his real face.

The man looks at his face in the side window of the car.]

Hm, not bad.

[The holomatter human vanishes and Lockdown converts back to robot mode.]

Well, least now I know it works.

[His hand covers the screen as he turns it off.]


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