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Y'know, with recent events, I've been doing some thinkin'. In times like these - war, disaster, that kinda thing - a bot like me smells opportunity. There's lots of people out there who could use some help and protection out there now, and there ain't enough help to go around. Luckily I'm damn good at that sorta thing.

So, if any of you need a helpin' servo 'cause you can't fend off these things, just gimme a ring. Just one thing: you better have something to pay me with. I don't do this outta the goodness of my spark, nor do I come cheap. Sure, you could say I'm not worth it, but how many of you really wanna fend for yourself?
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[Lockdown's holoform (yes, he finally came up with a shorter name for the holomatter form) is standing around, a distracted look on his face. It isn't long before a few harpies come in for the kill. As soon as they get close enough, the holoform vanishes and Lockdown, in car form, comes out of his hiding place to run over some of the beasts.]

Dunno what you are, but I could use a little sport.

[He managed to kill a few, and wound some, but the others are still kicking.

The video feed cuts out right as they come at him.]

[OOC: Anyone is free to come across Lockdown for whatever reason.]


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