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[Video opens, and Lockdown appears to have chains all over his body, held together with a heavy padlock. His legs and arms are still partly mobile, at least.]

This sucks. I can't even transform like this. And yes, I tried picking the lock and taking a blowtorch to it and the chains. Nothin'.
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[Here's a look you don't see on Lockdown very often: genuine friendliness, with a smile that for once is not a creepy slasher smile.]

Helpin' others feels so right. Today, I'm just gonna go out and help people, no charge at all. I'm gonna do it all outta the goodness of my spark.

Then I'm gonna make use of that DVD player to get a better feel for human culture, because I want to learn about you humans out of sheer interest, and what better way than watching some human movies? Y'know, as oppossed to just doing it outta boredom.

[OOC: Yeah, Lockdown's going through Morality Reversal and is now nice. And chaste. You may freak out now.]
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Deux aléatoire malédiction week-ends dans un mois. Ne pas voir cela venir. A l'air de la malédiction populaire ce weekend est la chose de sexe-échange. La chose drôle, le sexe. Les Transformers n'ont pas cela, pas vraiment. Sauf quand il s'agit des pronoms.

Aussi, non, pour quelque raison que je ne peux pas changer de retour à l'anglais. Ou Cybertronian.

[Translation: Two random curse weekends in one month. Didn't see that coming. Looks like the popular curse this weekend is the gender-swap thing. Funny thing, gender. Transformers don't have that, not really. Except for when it comes to pronouns.

Also, no, for some reason I can't switch back to English. Or Cybertronian.]

[OOC: Lockdown is cursed to speak French, which he learned during that French history curse way back when. Also, I'm using an online translator, so if anyone here actually speaks French, please pardon any butchering of the language.]
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[The video opens to a ball of black and green feathers curled up on Lockdown's very large berth. Said ball of fluff uncurls into a kiwi bird that's just starting to wake up, blinking his beady red eyes.]

'Nother morning, 'nother day I'm reminded that I'm stranded.

[One might think there's something not quite right about Lockdown's deep, gruff voice coming out of such a small bird. He stands up on his little, miscolored legs.]

Wait... something ain't right here...

[He looks at his feet and back, then at his reflection in the device's screen and lets out an angry squack.]

Not again! Huh... oh slag is that thing on?

[He uses his beak to press the OFF button.]

[OOC: If anyone wants Action with the kiwi-fied bounty hunter, he'll be leaving his ship occassionally to scrounge around for bugs in the surroundings woods.]
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[The video feed starts up with Jack Harkness looking into the camera.]

Okay, I gotta admit, this isn't as bad as the last few times a curse has decided to mess with my body, but it's definatly the least creative.

[He reaches his hand into a nearby cereal box, takes out a handful of cereal and eats it.]

Kinda wish the fuel wasn't so hit-or-miss. Dunno how you meatbags live on some of this stuff.

[Video ends.]

[OOC: Lockdown's victim of the Body Switch curse with Jack.]
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[The video turns on to show a very pissed off Lockdown. Today there's something different about him. Namely that he's now painted bright purple with orange and red flames. Also, his spikes are now gold and have jeweles around the bases, including the ones on his tire rims. Even his face is different. Some of his teeth are gold and it looks like someone welded purple, metal pimp glasses to his face.]

Alright, to whoever did this, if you fess up now I might go easy on ya'. Might. Even if it was one of you dieties or a slagging curse. Point is someone's gonna get their aft kicked or end up as meat pulp.

[He holds up a pair of fuzzy dice.]

Dunno what the slag these are for or how you got 'em on my mirror, but it ain't funny. Neither is messin' with my horn.

[Video feed ends]
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[Lockdown comes into view, looking at his hand and hook-hand, which are covered in oil. He looks confused and annoyed.]

Five washes and still ain't comin' out.

[He grabs a nearby cloth and starts trying to rub the oil off with it, but to no avail. In fact, the oil seems to creep further down his arms. He sees that the device is on.]

Alright, real funny deities, now knock it off.

[Turns off the video]

[OOC: Lockdown's only got one confirmed murder in the show, but it's been implied that he's killed a lot more people in his line of work, so it'll be getting worse. Also, it's oil because that's what robots bleed.]
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[For some reason, the device is sitting on the ground. Perfect for viewing the rather colorful kiwi that's wandering around the metal ship.

If it's possible for a kiwi to look peeved, then this one is managing it very well.

He approaches the device and looks at himself in the screen's reflection, and unintentionally allowing anyone watching to get a good look at him. Then he notices that the device is on and, possibly because the device shrunk with him, turns it off.

A text post appears some time later.]

If this is a joke, it ain't funny.

[OOC: If anyone wants action, he'll be leaving his ship to explore the surrounding woods at some point to see if there's anything he can eat.]
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[Lockdown's device is kind enough to automatically translate.]

Top Five Favorite Mods
1. Chainsaw
2. Stealth mode
3. EMP generator
4. Capture rope
5. Acid gun

Top Five Favorite Hunts
1. Starscream (clones or not, it was still fun)
2. Stealth generator Autobot
3. Lugnut
4. Electro bomb Autobot
5. Hook-servo Decepticon

[OOC: No, I'm not going to post Cybertronian text everytime he posts text. Just wanted everyone to get a basic idea of how text posts from him might look. And yes, he can read and type English perfectly fine.]
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[OOC: Yeah, decided to start him out with something easy for his first curse. This means all three of my boys are getting the same curse this weekend, but it'll be more varied next grab bag weekend, I promise. So yeah, now you all know what he looks like and that he sounds like Lance Henriksen.]


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