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[A video feed opens up showing Lockdown parked in some parking lot. A man in sterotypical filmmaker attire gestures towards him.]

And here we have a truely unique kind of unwilling citizen of The City. The remarkable Transformer, by the name of Lockdown. This particular Transformer has chosen a custom muscle car for his vehicle mode.

Lockdown like to think that he has no allegiance to either faction, but will consider himself a Decepticon by default sometimes. Others certainly do. His profession is that of a bounty hunter, and he may be considered the best at what he does. We should hope so, considering the sort of payment he asks for.

[Lockdown's holoform comes out of an auto shop with a plastic bag in hand.]

Ah, and here we have his holoform, something very few Transformers have. See how it basically looks like him if he were a human. This makes shopping much easier for him, as you can see. Looks like he's purchased some sort of auto fuel, possibly antifreeze or some type of oil.

[The holoform looks at the filmmakers, tosses the bag into the front seat, and then vanishes. But not before flipping the filmmakers the bird. He then drives off.]

It seems he's been brushing up on his human customs. What a sight. Most Decepticon-affiliated Transformers don't even bother to learn our languages. Well, we're just going to keep following him throughout the day, so keep watching.

If we're lucky, we may get to see him perform some bounty hunting.

[Video ends.]


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