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[A video feed opens up showing Lockdown parked in some parking lot. A man in sterotypical filmmaker attire gestures towards him.]

And here we have a truely unique kind of unwilling citizen of The City. The remarkable Transformer, by the name of Lockdown. This particular Transformer has chosen a custom muscle car for his vehicle mode.

Lockdown like to think that he has no allegiance to either faction, but will consider himself a Decepticon by default sometimes. Others certainly do. His profession is that of a bounty hunter, and he may be considered the best at what he does. We should hope so, considering the sort of payment he asks for.

[Lockdown's holoform comes out of an auto shop with a plastic bag in hand.]

Ah, and here we have his holoform, something very few Transformers have. See how it basically looks like him if he were a human. This makes shopping much easier for him, as you can see. Looks like he's purchased some sort of auto fuel, possibly antifreeze or some type of oil.

[The holoform looks at the filmmakers, tosses the bag into the front seat, and then vanishes. But not before flipping the filmmakers the bird. He then drives off.]

It seems he's been brushing up on his human customs. What a sight. Most Decepticon-affiliated Transformers don't even bother to learn our languages. Well, we're just going to keep following him throughout the day, so keep watching.

If we're lucky, we may get to see him perform some bounty hunting.

[Video ends.]
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[The video feed starts up with Jack Harkness looking into the camera.]

Okay, I gotta admit, this isn't as bad as the last few times a curse has decided to mess with my body, but it's definatly the least creative.

[He reaches his hand into a nearby cereal box, takes out a handful of cereal and eats it.]

Kinda wish the fuel wasn't so hit-or-miss. Dunno how you meatbags live on some of this stuff.

[Video ends.]

[OOC: Lockdown's victim of the Body Switch curse with Jack.]
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[The video turns on to show a very pissed off Lockdown. Today there's something different about him. Namely that he's now painted bright purple with orange and red flames. Also, his spikes are now gold and have jeweles around the bases, including the ones on his tire rims. Even his face is different. Some of his teeth are gold and it looks like someone welded purple, metal pimp glasses to his face.]

Alright, to whoever did this, if you fess up now I might go easy on ya'. Might. Even if it was one of you dieties or a slagging curse. Point is someone's gonna get their aft kicked or end up as meat pulp.

[He holds up a pair of fuzzy dice.]

Dunno what the slag these are for or how you got 'em on my mirror, but it ain't funny. Neither is messin' with my horn.

[Video feed ends]
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[Cybertronians don't do gravemarkers the same way humans do, but the City doesn't care, apparently.]


Successful Bounty Hunter
Would-be Cyberninja
Murderer of Hundreds
Former Lover of Many

"Told you I wouldn't go down without taking you with me."
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[Lockdown comes into view, looking at his hand and hook-hand, which are covered in oil. He looks confused and annoyed.]

Five washes and still ain't comin' out.

[He grabs a nearby cloth and starts trying to rub the oil off with it, but to no avail. In fact, the oil seems to creep further down his arms. He sees that the device is on.]

Alright, real funny deities, now knock it off.

[Turns off the video]

[OOC: Lockdown's only got one confirmed murder in the show, but it's been implied that he's killed a lot more people in his line of work, so it'll be getting worse. Also, it's oil because that's what robots bleed.]
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Right, so from what I've learned, today we're suppossed to get visitors. Should be fun, depending on who pops in.

Hey, Prowl, if you're here, we could hang at my place. Have some drinks, finally have that spark-to-spark. Whaddaya, say?

Oh, and if any other Cybertronians are watching, don't think I'm gonna make friends just because. I'm not that desperate.

[OOC: Anyone who wants to pester Lockdown is free to do so. Action for anyone who wants it.]
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[For some reason, the device is sitting on the ground. Perfect for viewing the rather colorful kiwi that's wandering around the metal ship.

If it's possible for a kiwi to look peeved, then this one is managing it very well.

He approaches the device and looks at himself in the screen's reflection, and unintentionally allowing anyone watching to get a good look at him. Then he notices that the device is on and, possibly because the device shrunk with him, turns it off.

A text post appears some time later.]

If this is a joke, it ain't funny.

[OOC: If anyone wants action, he'll be leaving his ship to explore the surrounding woods at some point to see if there's anything he can eat.]
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Y'know, I've been thinking today. I might not get back to my galaxy for a while now, which I've said before. Thing is, I get lonely sometimes, and unlike other bots, I ain't one of those morons who think we should take a bomb to all organics.

So, here's the deal: gimme a quick rundown, and we'll talk. I ain't exactly in a position to be picky right now. Sure, I'm way bigger than all of you and made of metal, but that just means we gotta get creative.

Lookin' forward to it.

[OOC: Any and all welcome. Backdated to this morning.]
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[Lockdown's device is kind enough to automatically translate.]

Top Five Favorite Mods
1. Chainsaw
2. Stealth mode
3. EMP generator
4. Capture rope
5. Acid gun

Top Five Favorite Hunts
1. Starscream (clones or not, it was still fun)
2. Stealth generator Autobot
3. Lugnut
4. Electro bomb Autobot
5. Hook-servo Decepticon

[OOC: No, I'm not going to post Cybertronian text everytime he posts text. Just wanted everyone to get a basic idea of how text posts from him might look. And yes, he can read and type English perfectly fine.]
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[OOC: Yeah, decided to start him out with something easy for his first curse. This means all three of my boys are getting the same curse this weekend, but it'll be more varied next grab bag weekend, I promise. So yeah, now you all know what he looks like and that he sounds like Lance Henriksen.]


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